Newborns at risk at S. Francisco Xavier hospital, warn syndicate

Sindepor, the democractic syndicate of Portuguese nurses, has denounced failings in obstetric services at Hospital S. Francisco Xavier – the hospital to which obstetric/ gynacological teams from Santa Maria have been referred to during controversial ‘rehabilitation work’. “(Regulations) stipulate one nurse for six birthing mothers and six newborns but what we have is one nurse for 10 birthing mothers and 10 newborns, with a consequent and undesirable reduction in the quality of healthcare provided”, said a statement from the syndicate today. Even worse, the ‘transport incubator’ for newborns is not working, which has led to babies suffering ‘convulsions and apneas’, Sindepor’s regional coordinator for the south Luís Mós adds. The syndicate is insisting on a meeting with hospital administrators.