Diário de Aveiro online carries photograph of rubbish bin in which body was discovered, right next door to a local crèche

Newborn discovered dead in rubbish bin

Mother wrapped infant in plastic bags and went to work

The body of a newborn baby was discovered yesterday evening in a rubbish bin in Póvoa da Mealhada (Aveiro district).

According to reports, the birth took place when his mother was travelling between her home and her place of work.

No time frame is indicated. Correio da Manhã explains the woman (no age given) “decided to get rid of the body in the rubbish. During the afternoon she started to experience a large loss of blood and was attended in hospital, which led to the macabre discovery”.

“After being pressured by clinicians who attended her” the woman “revealed that she had left the baby in the rubbish, wrapped in plastic bags”, says the paper.

“Mealhada firefighters were immediately actioned, and on reaching the locale, tried to reanimate the baby, without success.

“GNR police were also present to preserve possible indications left at the scene”, CM continues, adding the case is now in the hands of PJ police.

This is not the first time an abandoned baby has been discovered in a rubbish bin in Portugal, but recent similar accounts have never had such a tragic outcome.

Diario de Aveiro online, which featured the above photograph, remarks that the rubbish bin was right next door to a crèche/ tuition centre for young children.