New York Post lists “10 reasons why Portugal is Europe’s newest darling”

An article published online by the New York Post has listed “10 reasons why Portugal is Europe’s newest darling” – with particular emphasis on the central part of the country.

“Central Portugal typically doesn’t get as much attention as the stunning Alentejo and Algarve regions in the south and wine destinations of the north, but that’s about to change,” the article reads.

“The area between Lisbon and Porto extending from the sea to the Spanish border is full of historical wonder, stunning scenery, amazing food and wine, and life lived at a slower pace,” writes contributor Jessie Knadler, before listing ten reasons to visit Portugal.

The list starts off by defining Portugal as a “luxury you can afford”, as well as a great place to party (“hammer time”, as the author calls it), especially at the São João festival in Porto.

The NYP also highlights the country’s “liquid lunches and desserts, the sweet and savory ‘rivalry’ between Lisbon and Porto, and the most drop-dead castle you’ll ever see” – the Pena Palace in Sintra.

Also worthy of a mention are Portugal’s “bread and beaches”, and the opportunities to “get lost in one of the world’s oldest college towns” (Coimbra) and “step back into medieval times,” with Sortela singled out as a “fortress town”.

Finally, Knadler stresses that “you can pick up a hitchhiker and not get murdered,” after having safely given a ride to a “Brit named David” during her trip across Portugal.

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