New York cyclists planning nude protest

Cyclists angered by the removal of a cycling lane in Brooklyn, New York, are planning a nude protest when heavy snow is expected to fall.

The “Freedom Ride” is designed to protest against the removal of the bike lane in a long-time Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood that has continued to be taken over by young artists.

There has been a long feud between the Hasidic Jews against the Williamsburg hipsters.

Cycling advocates claim Mayor Michael Bloomberg got rid of the bike lane because conservative Hasidic residents objected to seeing scantily clad women riding through the neighbourhood.

Now the cyclists are fighting back and plan to ride topless in protest.

The biggest challenge for the riders, however, might not be the law, as it’s legal to go topless in New York in public, but the weather as forecasters are predicted as much as 10 inches of snow to fall over the festive period.