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New Year travel quiz

ALL OF us at PDM hope you’ve enjoyed the various travel guides and news we’ve brought to you throughout 2005 and look forward to bringing you more destinations and information in 2006. This week, we thought we’d test your brains after the Christmas excesses, to see how much you know about the world around you. Good luck!

1. In 1999, which US city boasted the busiest airport in the world?

a) Chicago

b) New York

c) Atlanta

2. Which country is called the Land of the Golden Fleece?

a) Australia

b) New Zealand

c) Scotland

3. Which state would you end up in if you travelled to the eastern most point in the United States?

a) Maine

b) Massachusetts

c) Florida

• Pamplona
• Pamplona

4. If you wanted to visit the Black Forest, which country would you visit?

a) Russia

b) Austria

c) Germany

5. Which city has the world’s longest subway system, which spans more than 390km?

a) Moscow

b) Lisbon

c) London

• Don Quixote
• Don Quixote

6. Whose statue can be found in Pamplona, a place where this person often came to watch bullfights?

a) George Orwell

b) Ernest Hemingway

c) Henry James

7. Which island did Daniel Defoe’s fictional castaway, Robinson Crusoe, find himself washed up on?

a) Tobago

b) Fiji

c) Hawaii

8. How do we better know Island of Cloves?

a) Zanzibar

b) Sri Lanka

c) Madagascar

9. Which country was the top tourist destination in the world in 1999?

a) France

b) Portugal

c) United States

10. What Australian state is not part of the mainland?

a) New South Wales

b) Tasmania

c) Queensland

11. In which region of Spain did Miguel de Cervantes’s most famous creation, Don Quixote, roam?

a) La Mancha

b) Andalucia

c) Catalonia

12. How many islands does Hawaii consist of?

a) 6

b) 58

c) 132

13. On which island is the Kingdom of Brunei located?

a) Borneo

b) Java

c) Sumatra

14. The once-great coffee-shipping port of Mocha is in what country?

a) Yemen

b) Brazil

c) Kenya

15. Ibiza and Majorca are part of which island group?

a) The Balearics

b) The Azores

c) The Canaries

16. Where would you meet a Mancunian?

a) In China

b) In Manhattan

c) In Manchester

17. In which country would you find Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndroblllantysyllyogogogoch?

a) In Wales

b) In Germany

c) In Bali

18. Which city was conquered by Alexander the Great, was home to the Ottoman Empire and is famous for its Turkish baths?

a) Rome

b) Istanbul

c) Venice

19. In which mountain chain would you find Mount Everest?

a) Pyrenees

b) Himalayas

c) Rockies

1. c) Atlanta; 2. a) Australia; 3. a) Maine; 4. c) Germany; 5. c) London; 6. b) Ernest Hemingway; 7. a) Tobago; 8. a) Zanzibar; 9. a) France; 10. b) Tasmania; 11. a) La Mancha; 12. c) 132; 13. a) Borneo; 14. a) Yemen; 15. a) Balearics; 16. c) In Manchester; 17. a) In Wales; 18. b) Istanbul; 19. b) Himalayas