New Year to help Algarve nightlife minimise Covid losses

Businesses hope New Year celebrations will help make up for part of losses during pandemic

Algarve nightlife businesses are hoping that the first New Year celebrations to go ahead since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in Portugal will help them minimise the losses they suffered during the pandemic.

“This New Year could help the treasury of some businesses which are open in the Algarve, namely bars, which are still recovering from the losses caused by two pandemic years,” said Liberto Mealha, president of the Association of Discos of the South and Algarve (ADSA).

As Mealha pointed out, most nightclubs in the Algarve are closed as they normally shut down during the winter.

For the bars that are open, and not many are, the period may be positive, but I do not see any enthusiasm or interest for most nightclubs to open for two or three days,” he told Lusa news agency.

Mealha explained that closed establishments would have to not only hire bartenders and other service employees but also security guards.

“It would be an investment which, surely, would not have any immediate returns,” he said.

But there is good news. The economy recovery of the sector after the pandemic “was surprising during the summer, and we can say that (2022) was one of the best years ever,” said Mealha.

“It was a very, very positive summer which helped us overcome a dark period during which business owners faced the closure of their businesses for a long period of time,” he added.

By Michael Bruxo