Praia da Galé, Albufeira, Algarve @ António de Sá Fragoso
Praia da Galé, Albufeira, Algarve @ António de Sá Fragoso

New year, new art exhibitions in Albufeira

The city’s municipal galleries kick off 2024 with photography and painting exhibitions.

The new year brings two new exhibitions to Albufeira’s Municipal Galleries. The photography exhibition «O tamanho de um lugar, Albufeira» by António de Sá Fragoso and the painting exhibition «Rostos e Almas» by Belgian artist Monika Matias are kicking off the 2024 art programme in the city.

«O tamanho de um lugar, Albufeira» – which translates to «The size of a place, Albufeira» – by António de Sá Fragoso can be visited at the Pintor Samora Barros Art Gallery until January 30.

Born in Albufeira, the artist has already put on several exhibitions in Portugal and beyond, leaving traces of his photographic identity, which mixes architectural motifs with the natural beauty of the Algarve.

«Each day can contain many images. This exhibition translates into value the richness of the combination of many of these chosen moments. These are a place, through the intensity of colour, lines, memory and message. What they make you feel», reads the exhibition catalogue. «The photographer never dissociates his gaze, when capturing the image, and the one who also finds meaning in it. This exhibition unites the two».

At the Galeria Municipal João Bailote, Monika Matias presents «Rostos e Almas» – «Faces and Souls» – from January 12 to February 9. These new works by the author, who also produced «Moiras Encantadas» and «Ninfa», explore simplistically a new facet of the Belgian artist.

Graphite on paper is the primary technique for this solo exhibition, which displays real characters based on the artist’s emotional background.

Monika Matias studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, where she graduated with a degree in art history. She has lived in the Algarve since 1992, where she has held several exhibitions and participated in collective shows.

Also in Albufeira, this month, don’t miss the opportunity to get a last glimpse of the «Portugal» exhibition by George Landmann at the Municipal Archeology Museum, which is on show until January 30.

Portugal by George Landmann

Born in London, George Landmann embarked for Portugal in 1806 as commander of the Royal Academy of Engineering. During this period, he painted several panoramas of Portugal that present themselves as true historical and artistic documents, published in the work “Historical, Military and Picturesque Observations on Portugal”.

Through writing and painting, the British soldier who served during the 19th century recorded a Portugal very different from today. The collection of reproductions on display features paintings of the Algarve coast and barrocal, as well as other regions of the country.

All exhibitions are free and can be visited from Monday to Saturday, from 09h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30, except on holidays.