New website promotes Praia da Luz

A NEW website has been created by a British resident who wants to put “the life back into Luz” and to promote the positive aspects of Praia da Luz.

“I moved to Praia da Luz a year ago to set up a web design company and now I want to give something back by helping to bring people back to Luz where they can discover for themselves the warmth, friendliness safety of our village,” said Tim Holmes,

“The site is being developed with the intention of promoting the positive and exciting aspects of Praia da Luz.”

The website, which is still under construction, is primarily a community site where all residents and visitors will have the opportunity to voice their opinions, promote their businesses, functions and activities in Praia da Luz for free.

“Our aim is to put the Life back into Luz because it has suffered over the past year due to being in the spotlight from the tragic events of last May,” said Tim Holmes.

For more information and to get involved with the project, please visit the website, which will be available in both English and Portuguese, at Alternatively, please telephone Tim Holmes on 913 784 371 or email [email protected]