New website launched to promote Portugal’s ‘Route 66’

A new website dedicated to promoting Portugal’s longest road, the EN2 (739.26km), has just been launched.

The road that connects Chaves in the north to Faro in the south aims to become a tourist attraction similar to the US highway ‘Route 66’.

The website ( has been operational since June 1 and is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German.

It includes information about the road’s history, the towns and attractions along the way, and the best places to sleep, eat and visit.

Travellers can also purchase an “EN2 passport” containing information about the 35 boroughs that can be visited along the way and collect stamps at several stops.

The towns of Chaves and Faro stand out as the starting/ending points of the route, with Faro Council recently inaugurating a new roundabout with a structure made from Portugal’s iconic ‘calçada’ cobblestone to signal the final kilometre of the road.

Faro Mayor Rogério Bacalhau said: “The EN2 has become popular with travellers, and boroughs in the interior have benefitted greatly from the influx of new visitors. But, of course, Chaves and Faro are privileged locations. Nobody travels the EN2 without stopping at these two towns.”

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