New website encourages legal motorhoming in Algarve

A new website has been launched ( to showcase the 29 locations in the Algarve where motorhomers can legally park and rest without fear of being fined by the authorities.

The website was officially presented during a press conference on Monday, while an app containing all the information is due to be launched early next year.

“This website aims to show that there is a network of businesspeople and institutions that operate legally in the Algarve and welcome motorhomers with all the conditions that are needed,” explained Francisco Serra, president of the regional coordination and development commission CCDR Algarve.

He added: “We cannot ignore motorhoming and the relevance it has in the tourism sector, especially in the winter and spring, nor its importance in bringing investment to the Algarve.”

Motorhoming continues to be a divisive topic in the Algarve. While some believe that the business these “nomadic travellers” bring during the low season is essential to the region, others criticise their alleged disrespect of rules and other citizens, mainly regarding overnight parking (click here).

Authorities in the Algarve have tried to find a middle ground, welcoming motorhomers but encouraging “sanctioned” overnight parking.

The issue is that many choose to spend the night where parking is not allowed, such as coastal areas, and there are even websites recommending ‘off the beaten track’ spots.

Motorhomes are often spotted parked near the edge of cliffs, or right in front of seaside properties, blocking the views of many disgruntled property owners.

Motorhomers have also been forced by GNR police to leave a riverside parking area in Silves on more than once occasion (click here).

It is these kinds of situations that authorities are trying to avoid with the launch of websites such as

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