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New warehouse for Algarve Food Bank

Algarve Food Bank (Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome do Algarve – BA) may soon have a new warehouse in Portimão.

Portimão Municipality has decided to help the BA by giving the institution the use of a warehouse at Coca Maravilhas area in Portimão council.

Members of Portimão Câmara and BA have already discussed the matter but according to Adriano Pimpão, President of BA, “nothing has been decided and there is no certainty that this space will be used. A technical evaluation has still to be performed by our technicians because the warehouse needs to follow a set of rules.”

“I hope that the warehouse meet our conditions, because we would like to do the next fundraising campaign in May from there,” said Adriano Pimpão.

If the warehouse project goes ahead, it will mean 25 institutions supported by the BA in the western Algarve will not have to travel every month to the BA’s Faro warehouse to get food supplies.