New valet parking service launched at Faro Airport

A new valet parking service named Just Fly has been launched at Faro Airport, providing travellers with a “safe, secure and convenient” location to park their car while going away on holiday or a business trip.

The process is “simple”, the company says. Clients need only arrive at the departures area of the airport at the agreed time.

Their vehicle will then receive a full-written appraisal, in which kilometres and fuel levels are registered.

When all documents are signed, the vehicle is driven to a secure storage facility a few kilometres away.

Upon the client’s return to Faro, the vehicle is parked in car park P1 as close to the terminal building as possible half an hour before the client’s scheduled arrival time.

The parking ticket is placed on the dashboard and the spare key placed securely in the boot.

While the vehicle is in Just Fly’s care, it will receive a free wash as well as a check-up.

Just Fly considers its service “very exclusive” and thus says that reservations should be made well in advance.

A 10% discount is offered off normal published rates for first reservations. See main ads in the Algarve Resident newspaper this week and on for the campaign codes required when making your booking.

For more information, contact António Ribeiro.

914025689 | [email protected]