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New underground car park for Loulé

Loulé Câmara is looking to invest around 130,000 euros to build a three-storey underground car park, create pedestrian accesses and renovation of the area surrounding the Santo António convent in the city.

The car park will have around 180 parking spaces with access including two ramps, pedestrian accesses, escalators and lifts.

The 15,153sqm area which includes the car park and its surroundings near the convent will be renovated with a square, foot paths and the restructuring of the traffic system.  The Câmara has put the work out to public tender and is looking for a company to design the project. The entire project is predicted to take 210 days to complete. 

Meanwhile, Loulé Câmara is also putting a project out to tender for the renovation of Rua 25 de Abril in Quarteira, which is estimated to cost 148,000 euros, with work lasting 135 days.

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