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New types of holidaymakers

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A major study into the changing face of travel demonstrates that today’s holidaymakers are more demanding than ever and want more choice, better service and – most importantly – value for money. The latest industry report, The Customer Challenge, also identifies three major new trends in holidays:

Babymooners – couples expecting their first child who take one last holiday as a twosome. The idea is to take a trip that would not be feasible with a baby in tow.

The Grand Travellers – Grandparents are increasingly in a position to treat their grandchildren to a holiday and take them away for a long weekend or seven-night trip to a family-friendly destination.

The Phoneymooners – Some committed couples decide that they prefer to avoid the hassle and cost of a big formal wedding but still want the romance of a ‘honeymoon’. Typical destinations are the Maldives, Mexico or Sri Lanka for an exotic, all-inclusive treat.

Furthermore, the way we gain our inspiration for holidays is changing. Television, for example, is increasingly instrumental in choosing a destination.

For example, there was a dramatic increase in bookings to Africa while the BBC was showing Big Cat Diary, and Egypt bookings shot up when BBC 2 screened Egyptian Journeys.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday – whether you’re a babymooner, grand traveller, phoneymooner or just an old fashioned tourist, why not call PDM – they are there to help with all aspects of your travel needs.