Dr Shirin Samimi-Fard, a specialist in aesthetic medicine in the Algarve

New trends in aesthetic medicine

Text by Dr Shirin Samimi-Fard (German Specialist Center Carvoeiro)

Regeneration and biorevitalization using Polynucleotides-HPT (PhilArt portfolio)

Who doesn’t want to look fresh, with a skin texture that is smooth and radiant? If we look at the huge market of skincare products and aesthetic treatments of all kinds, many of us seem to be on an endless quest to look fresh and improve our appearance. It can be difficult to know what treatments are available and what could work for you, especially when it comes to improving skin quality. You might not even have a clear idea of what skin quality really is, which makes things even more difficult. So, let’s dive into the topic of skin quality and find out how you can improve it.

There is a broad consensus amongst aesthetic experts, who have identified five facets, as important components of natural beauty and human attractiveness:

  • Skin quality;
  • Facial shape;
  • Facial proportion and contour;
  • Facial symmetry;
  • Animation and emotional expression.

In this article we want to lay the focus on improving our skin quality, by introducing Polynucleotides (PNs – for example PhilArt) and the significant impact they can have on our skin. Let us thus answer some FAQs:

What are the important key factors/ characteristics for a beautiful naturally looking skin quality?

  • Skin glow;
  • Skin surface evenness;
  • Skin firmness.

What are Polynucleotides and how do they work?

PNs-HPT® are a natural source of the DNA, a combination of nucleotide monomers, which are connected to each other through covalent bonds. The physiological degradation of PNs-HPT® is the key element for their hydrating action, due to an increase of their bioavailability at a cellular level.

What are the benefits of PNs?

  • Promote cell regeneration, hydration and elasticity;
  • Promote scavenging (decrease and capturing Reactive Oxygen Species, antioxidant action);
  • Stimulate cell growth, cell viability and protein production;
  • Increased collagen synthesis and proliferation of fibroblasts;
  • Improved wound healing and enhanced tissue repair.

Where is PhilArt coming from and why is it the product of our first choice?

  • Trout sourced fish polynucleotides;
  • Original extraction technology from raw material;
  • High Purification Technology results in safe products (multiple evidence-based literature and published studies, very long-term scientific research > 70 years).

What are the indications of injectable PNs?

  • To improve the quality of the skin in younger and more mature patients through moisturization, facilitated trophism, improving turgidity, and suppleness;
  • Remodelling the areas with a high fibroses, e.g., striae and scars.

Which areas can we treat?

  • Face (eye contour area, eyebrow, periorbital cheekbones, beard, etc);
  • Neck;
  • Decolleté;
  • Back of the hands;
  • Body (abdomen, buttocks, tights, etc);
  • Scalp.

Can we combine PhilArt with other aesthetic procedures and what is the benefit?

All PhilArt products are perfectly helping to prepare the skin, as boosters (stand-alone treatments) or as catalysts for generating synergistic effects due to the Skin Enhancement Technique (SET) approach, by combining with different aesthetic procedures like needling, laser, radiofrequency, etc.


  • High efficacy in skin quality, texture and structure improvement;
  • Significant improvement of wrinkles and skin roughness, elasticity and pigmentation;
  • High evidence-based patients satisfaction rate at the end of the treatment.

For further detailed information, we are, of course, at your disposal at the German Specialist Center Carvoeiro. Our dermatologist, Dr Shirin Samimi-Fard, has been specially trained in this effective treatment method through training and further education.

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Dr Shirin Samimi-Fard, a specialist in aesthetic medicine in the Algarve

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