New study says Portugal’s most-used herbicides increases cancer risks by 41%

Adding to the wealth of studies on the ‘carcinogenic potential’ of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs), a new report claims risks of contracting Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) are increased by 41% for anyone handling them.

GBHs are those “most sold in Portugal” which in turn is the European country with the 7th highest mortality rate from NHL. Without saying ‘do the maths’, environmental group Quercus considers these findings ‘relevant’.

Says Diário de Notícias, in the short term they will go towards consolidating existing data, and possibly reinforcing the 9000 cases lodged through courts in the United States against glyphosate manufacturers.

The herbicide is sold in Portugal by companies including Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and Syngenta, adds the paper, stressing that “it is also sold freely for domestic use in hypermarkets”.

DN explains however that the herbicide has been licensed, despite all the controversy surrounding it, for use in the EU till 2022.

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