New sports arena for Casal de Cambra

APPROVAL HAS been given by Sintra Câmara to construct a sports pavilion in Casal de Cambra. The building of the new covered arena is one element of a major renovation project for the town and will be part of the Parque Urbano.

The sports centre will be constructed on two levels. Level Zero will provide the space for sports activities, with a gymnasium, changing areas and shower rooms. There will also be office space, café bar and terrace. Level One will offer seating for 500 spectators and a gallery with space for 60 to stand.

The new sports arena will make it possible for local residents to practise a greater number of sports activities. Many options will be available including five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, skate hockey and gym classes.

The total area for the project measures 16,800sqm – an area which includes the pavilion, public gardens with benches and a car park – while the construction area for the sports pavilion equates to 3,595sqm.

Construction of the new arena represents a total investment of more than two million euros and the centre is expected to be open in around 18 months time.