New shopping centre for downtown Faro

The count down has now begun for all shopaholics and film lovers. Yes, come September 2006, there will be a new shopping centre in Faro. Faro Atrium, in Rua de Santo António will house 30 shops, a cinema with three screens and a selection of restaurants.

Situated opposite the popular Gardy café, the street’s old shopping centre, which has been all but empty for several years, is being renovated to house this new addition to the Algarve’s retail and cinema world.

The project has been totally funded by construction company, Grupo Edifer, which has been established for 50 years and, was partly involved in Freeport Lisboa, the designer outlet village. It has an impressive résumé with considerable experience in the construction of shopping centres in Portugal, so there is confidence that the project will be a success.

President of Faro Câmara, José Apolinário, is very excited about the new look complex, as he feels it will revive the main shopping area in the downtown area. Apolinário told The Resident that he is confident Faro Atrium will  open in September.

Faro’s Rua Santo António used to be lively during the day and at night, but gradually became quieter when large shopping centres, such as Forum Algarve, were built.

Among the reasons Forum Algarve is so popular, is the amount of choice. There is an abundance of restaurants and cinema screens, as well as a variety of shops, selling clothing to home furnishings. Mobile phone shops, jewellers and hairdressers are also housed in Forum Algarve so, in order for Faro Atrium to compete, careful consideration to the use of space and the types of shops must be made. It is clear that the project needs to be unique in order to be prosperous. The Resident will be updating readers when more details are available.