New round of floods as heavy rain batters Algarve

Heavy rain battered the Algarve once again this morning (November 30), causing several serious floods across the region.

According to SIC, the worst incidents have been reported in Albufeira, Olhão and Loulé.

Footage aired this morning by the TV station showed the streets of Loulé’s industrial area completely flooded. Several establishments and cars were seemingly damaged by the flood, a local citizen told SIC.

Videos posted online have also shown how certain areas of Loulé’s were completely overwhelmed by the downpour, such as a local car wash which was ‘invaded’ by a strong and steady stream of water.

Meanwhile in Fuseta (Olhão), the water level also rose so high that several commercial establishments and homes became flooded, reports CMTV. Almancil has also been affected by the floods, it adds.

This is yet another example of how heavy rain can be a double-edged sword in the Algarve. While the region is desperate for rain at a time when its dams are near historic lows, too much rainfall in a short period of time often translates into floods due to overflowing gutters which have long been an issue in the region.

According to IPMA weather forecasts, the Algarve will only see rain again on Friday.

Click on link to see a video posted on Facebook this morning by Luís Silva

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