New road signage planned for the Algarve

NEW SIGNAGE for roads and tourist attractions is planned for installation in the region’s main tourism areas and will encompass 11 of the Algarve’s 16 boroughs. The Direcção Regional da Economia do Algarve (DREA) has presented the signage project for inclusion in the Programa de Intervenções para a Qualificação do Turismo (PIQTUR).

The project represents an investment of over 350,000 euros and will involve the co-operation of the câmaras, Estradas de Portugal and the Tourism Board. The câmaras will benefit, and not only in terms of appearance, as the câmaras will only need to support 50 per cent of the costs of this project (a portion of the financing comes from PIQTUR via European Community funding). In addition, tourists and residents will enjoy an improved environment and, more importantly, clearer directions!

DREA has highlighted the fact that this project is the continuation of earlier signage improvements, which were implemented on the EN125, EN122, EN120, EN266 and on the Via do Infante.