New retirement club

If you are retired and are looking for a chance to meet up with other people and make new friends without having to spend a lot of money then a newly formed retirement club may be the answer.

Founder of the new club, which is yet to be named, Eileen England said: “For more than six years, I have been running the International Friends Club (IF) but the IF Club has served its purpose and the needs of the members have changed. We are all older now and are looking for activities that don’t cost a lot of money to take part in.”

The first event to be organised is a Valentine’s buffet on February 14 at Restaurante Retiro do Panças on the EN125 in Odiáxere between 2pm and 6pm. Cost is 12.50 euros.

This will be a chance to see how much interest there is for the new club and discuss plans for the future while enjoying the afternoon buffet.

“I set up the club on the spur of the moment and have no concrete plans after the Valentine’s buffet. I am really looking to see what people will want before making any decisions,” said Eileen England.

For further information about the club, or to book your place for Valentine’s Day, please call Eileen on 282 799 111.