New regional shopping centre to go ahead

ALBUFEIRA CÂMARA President Desidério Silva has said that plans for the Algarve’s largest shopping centre in Guia should go ahead.

He said that if the project has complied with the plans for the area, the câmara would have no choice but to pass it.

The land, which is said to be located to the west of Makro and Leroy Merlin was purchased for 30 million euros.

The project for the Gran Plaza shopping centre is being promoted by the Martifer Group will be over 43,000sqm. It will house around 80 businesses including shops, services and restaurants, as well as 2,000 parking spaces. The project will provide direct employment for 1,900 people.

If the Council rejected the project without good legal reason, Martifer could demand a huge indemnification, which could potentially mean that existing and future projects in Albufeira could be jeopardised.

The Resident reported on February 8 that there was resistance in Albufeira Câmara, as many believed the shopping centre is not sustainable and did not comply with some plans for the area.

There are concerns that the EN125 will be unable to cope with the pressure of another shopping centre and smaller shops in the area could suffer.

If the project is approved, it will still have to go through several other licensing agencies.

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