Average speed radars

New radars installed on EN125 and A2 in Faro and Albufeira

Two of the Algarve radars start operating on September 1.

From September 1, 37 new speed cameras will be installed nationwide, three of which will be installed in the Algarve: one in Faro and two in Albufeira.

Of the 37 new radars, 12 will measure average speed using devices that measure instantaneous speed and calculate the average speed between two points along the road and, on Portuguese roads, will be indicated with the traffic sign “H42”.

The 12 average speed cameras will be installed in areas with a high accident rate, focusing on the Porto area, says the Jornal de Notícias.

According to the same source, the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) foresees a further twenty-five speed control points with instantaneous speed cameras.

The new radar in Faro and the two new radars in Albufeira will be instantaneous speed control points. The one in Faro will be located on the EN125-10 at km 1.4 and starts operating on September 1.

In Albufeira, one will be on the A2 at km 233.1 and start operating from the same date. The other will be on the EN125 at km 74.6. However, its start date is yet to be announced.

The SINCRO network (National System for Speed Control by Fixed Radars) controlled by ANSR currently has 61 radars nationwide.