Average speed radars

New radars generate €360,000 in fines in just 24 hours

The radars, some measuring average speed, detected six thousand speeding drivers in just one day.

Last Friday, the day on which 37 new radars came into operation nationwide, authorities detected more than 6,000 speeding drivers. Considering this data, the State will receive at least €36,000 resulting from the fines that will be issued.

Fines start at €60 and can reach up to €2,500. However, according to the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), this is not the objective, but rather to achieve “zero deaths”.

Currently, 61 Speed Control Locations are integrated into the National Speed Control System (Sincro network), with the radars managed by the ANSR. However, this number is expected to double to 123. In addition to the 37 new radars that are now functional — of which 12 measure average speed — 25 more will be operational soon.

The first 61 radars installed have already recorded nearly 670,000 speeding drivers, around a third of the infractions recorded on the Sincro network, reportedly exceeding €2.4 million in fines.

Between 2016 and 2023, all indicators relating to road accidents fell at the 61 locations where speed controls were installed. Compared to the same period prior to the system’s installation, the new measures resulted in 36% fewer accidents with victims, 74% fewer fatalities, 44% fewer serious injuries and 36% fewer minor injuries at these locations.