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New protest against A22 motorway tolls this month

Another anti-tolls go-slow protest organised by the Algarve Portagens na A22 NÃO group and the Comissão de Utentes da A22 (A22 users’ commission) has been scheduled for May 28.

Under the slogan 125 não é alternativa à Via do Infante (the EN125 road is not an alternative to the A22), it will be on the EN125 road, starting at 3.30pm at Parque das Cidades near Loulé and will finish at Largo S. Francisco in Faro, passing the Faro Airport roundabout en-route.

A spokesman from Algarve Portagens na A22 NÃO said: “The protest intends to send a clear message to the government that the EN125 is not an alternative to the A22 and we object to paying tolls on that road, when there isn’t a viable alternative.”

The group has appealed to all Algarve residents to join in and protest against the introduction of tolls on the Via do Infante (A22), which they consider an “irresponsible act by the government”.