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New project unites gastronomy and tourism

A project focusing on one of the Algarve’s most beloved treasures – its gastronomy – was launched earlier this year.

Suitably named Taste Algarve, the project was created by two friends with experience in the tourism industry and a passion for gastronomy and local traditions.

Founders Sofia Teles and Mariana Ramos Mesquita say the idea behind Taste Algarve is to preserve and promote local products and Algarvean gastronomic traditions.

The two partners have created a series of experiences that, although related to food, “try to go beyond just teaching people how to cook; we want to share our way of life in the Algarve,” said Sofia.

According to Taste Algarve founders, there are few better ways of experiencing a country and its people than through the traditional food.

“We can learn about the people, their history and their journeys; the hard times they have endured that spurred imagination and increased creativity. Courage and discovery encouraged new tastes and a unique (gastronomic) richness,” they said.

Only the freshest foods are used by Taste Algarve founders Mariana Mesquita (looking on) and Sofia Teles
Only the freshest foods are used by Taste Algarve founders Mariana Mesquita (looking on) and Sofia Teles

Amongst the experiences available from Taste Algarve are the cooking workshops, ‘Taste at Home’ (a programme where they cook alongside clients in their own home), picnics and also three or seven-day programmes that combine accommodation and various food-related activities, from visits to local producers and markets, to wine tastings and even visiting the salt fields.

Sofia and Mariana recommend holidaymakers staying at an Algarve property consider the ‘Taste at Home’ programme for either lunch or dinner.

“This is a great experience if you are on holiday and want a special and traditional meal. Each private cooking class is customised so you can cook exactly the type of food you want. You can be sure to have a fun and educational cooking experience” – the Algarve way!

Other services also include catering for events and tastings, as well as flexible programmes tailored to the client.

The company has already established various partnerships with prominent Algarve entities such as Quinta dos Vales, SarMarim, Conservas Dâmaso, Monte do Álamo and Casa de Estoi.

For more information, please visit www.tastealgarve.com