New products from M2M Blinds

As the weather starts to warm up, thoughts turn to lazy summer days spent on the terrace enjoying a barbeque with family or friends.

However, there is nothing worse than cutting the party short because of flies or mosquitoes. A fly screen system from M2M Blinds is the perfect answer to enjoying your outdoor living space without having to use chemicals to keep the bugs at bay.

Denny Bird, owner of M2M Blinds, said: “Installing fly screens to outside terraces and balconies is becoming very popular. This is not a permanent fixture and can be retracted back when it is not needed, so it is the perfect solution for covered terraces.” Based in Ourique, just north of the Algarve, M2M Blinds cover the supply and installation of their products throughout Portugal and into Spain.

Currently, M2M Blinds are offering clients 20 per cent discount on all products ordered before February 28 in their New Year sale.

M2M Blinds will shortly be offering clients a range of window films, which include privacy, reflective and a clear film that reduces UV rays by 99.5 per cent while allowing natural light through.

“This film means that furniture can be protected from UV rays which can lead to light damage. It is a quick and simple solution that can be applied all around the home and also for businesses and will be available for customers from March,” said Denny.

For further information about M2M Blinds, please visit their website at www.m2mblinds.com. Alternatively call 932 894 709 or 286 518 059 or email [email protected].