New prison awaits government funds

A plot of land that was expropriated by the State 10 years ago near Silves is still waiting government funding before construction of a new prison can start.

The land in São Bartolomeu de Messines is expected to become the site of the new prison establishment for the council, however works are unlikely to start any time soon due to a lack of government funds.

The prison project, which is estimated to cost more than 80 million Euros and have a capacity for more than 600 prisoners, has not been included in the proposed State Budget for 2011.

According to Silves Câmara, the State Budget has only allocated 5,000 Euros for the work, however MP and leader of the PS political party in the Algarve Miguel Freitas says the project has not been forgotten and work will start as soon as possible.

Silves Mayor Isabel Soares says the new prison will be “very beneficial” for the county while the president of the São Bartolomeu de Messines parish council, João Correia, believes that this investment will have a major impact in terms of development and regrets the delay of the work.