Fernanda de Almeida Pinheiro
Fernanda de Almeida Pinheiro is the new head of the country's Ordem dos Adogados (Law Society). Image: Miguel A. Lopes/ Lusa

New president of Law Society gives first speech

Following in the footsteps of Luís Menezes Leitão, the Portuguese ‘Ordem dos Advogados’ (Law Society) has now chosen a woman to lead it: Fernanda de Almeida Pinheiro, who used the opening of the judicial year to give a speech in Lisbon today, pointing to everything that is wrong in her sector. “Besides justice that is expensive for citizens, and the total paralysis of fiscal and administrative courts, the head of the Bar Association called attention to serious problems like the ‘screeching lack of human resources, whether at magistrate level (judicial and State prosecution services); within criminal investigation, in the jails or in social rehabilitation; all of which implies serious damages for society”, explain reports this afternoon.