New president for Lions Clube de Loulé

news: New president for Lions Clube de Loulé

THE LIONS Clube de Loulé held their ‘handover dinner’ recently at the Sol e Lua restaurant in Amancil.

The outgoing president of the club, Marianela Vasconcelos handed the presidency over to Maria da Glória Barra. After the dinner three guests from the Bombeiros de Loulé, Comandante Faísca, Paulo Carricho and Guilherme Santos were presented with six fire protection suits including boots, helmets and gloves. The funds raised to provide them, were the proceeds from the Lions garden party held on June 12. Each suit cost almost 900 euros. Commandante Faisca expressed his delight and thanks to the club and the many people who were so generous and interested in the welfare of the Bombeiros.