New police station

NEW FACILITIES finally appear to be on the horizon for Lagos PSP, following news that the public tender for construction of the city’s new police station will be launched in June.

Announced at a meeting at Lagos Câmara last week, the project for the new station is close to completion and construction would begin as soon as the construction firm is selected. It is expected that the new police headquarters will be open within two years.

According to Lagos Câmara President, Júlio Barroso, it has been a wish since the 70s for a new police station to be built in the area. Currently, around 70 PSP officers work in a 100-year-old building in the old city centre. The new facility will be situated at the entrance to the city in Horta do Trigo, near the roundabout by the municipal stadium. Lagos Câmara is providing 400,000 euros towards the project, the remaining funds required are being awarded by the Ministry for Internal Administration.

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