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New play park for NECI

Children, parents and staff at NECI, the Luz-based school that provides day care for mentally and physically handicapped children, celebrated the opening of the school’s new play park on July 25.

“This park was only possible thanks to funds provided by the Social Security as part of a programme called MASES and charitable donations from Palmares Golf,” said NECI director, Dra Eduarda Santos.

“Doug Clarke, Mike Bridge and Rod Yates from Palmares helped to raise 12,000 euros for the park.”

A group of musicians, Ray Charsley, Sandy Croft, Chris Atcherley, Graham Roberts, Luís Hilário and Zé Ribeiro, provided free entertainment at the event.

The new play park has equipment that is especially adapted for disabled children and which will help them with their balance such as swings.

For more information about NECI, please telephone the school, which is in Montinhos da Luz, on 282 788 692.