New PJ head announced

Santos Cabral has succeeded Adelino Salvado as head of the Polícia Judiciária (Judicial Police – PJ). It is understood that Justice Minister José Pedro Aguiar Branco made the appointment early last week, but the announcement was delayed in the wake of the fall-out from Salvado’s departure.

Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes and the judiciary have welcomed Cabral’s appointment, which followed the resignation of former head Adelino Salvado and the theft of tape-recorded conversations involving him and a journalist. It is understood the taped conversations in question related to police mismanagement of the Casa Pia scandal.

Santos Cabral was the unanimous choice of the cabinet and of Justice Minister Branco. He has already assumed control and begun to choose his team. Carlos Anjos, President of the Association of Functionaries from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judicial Police (ASFIC), welcomed the appointment. “José Santos Cabral has a brilliant curriculum vitae and I think he will bring even greater standing to the Polícia Judiciária. I’m sure he will be capable of addressing the institution’s problems very quickly.”