New moves at Arte Algarve

By Natasha Donn

Everything’s changing at Arte Algarve. The huge collective OPEN VIII that has been showing all summer will be closing its doors today (September 13) and prepare for another marvellous display of top quality talent in Open IX – to be inaugurated on Saturday, September 21, at 3pm. And to make the event even more special, Galeria Arte Algarve is holding a ‘Finissage’ – the chance for people to meet the artists in person as they come to collect their works, and possibly even negotiate special deals on really excellent pieces of fine art.

Meantime, artists up and down the region are getting ready for the upcoming OPEN IX, which once again will present the work of over 40 highly acclaimed artists, including doyennes like Elsa Eliza Zorkow, Vera Christians and Brigitte von Humboldt, local talents including Meinke Flesseman, Cliff Martin Tuson and Jean Brown, and fabulous photographers like the Algarve’s one-and-only Alexandre Manuel.

Arte Algarve’s Open events are not just about art. They are about getting people together, promoting the region and having fun. Hundreds of visitors invariably turn up and there is secure parking for all, easily accessible from the EN125 in the centre of Lagoa.