New ‘miracle baby’ to be born to clinically dead mum in Porto

Another ‘miracle baby’, growing inside the body of a mother kept artificially alive to nurture him, is expected to make his entrance into the world on Friday.

Also named Salvador, like the child born to a mother in similar circumstances in 2016 (click here), this little boy is expected to be ‘very small’ and will require round-the-clock attention for at least three months. His mother went into cardiac last Christmas following an asthma attack.

An accomplished canoeist, Catarina Sequeira was only 12 weeks pregnant when she ‘died’.

Salvador will be induced at 32 weeks, which is still very premature for any baby, and ‘may be fed on milk produced by other mothers at the hospital’.

The support of his mother’s family will be fundamental, say reports, as they will all be needed to take turns in holding him ‘kangaroo method’ (skin-on-skin) and helping carry him through to a point where his survival is assured.

This little Salvador will have been carried by his mother for roughly three months following her cerebral death.

Salvador Lourenço, born in Lisbon in 2016, was carried even longer, becoming the ‘record holder’ in Portugal for babies born to mothers who life support is then switched off.

Salvador Lourenço celebrated his second birthday in June last year, and was described then as “a healthy child who delights everyone”.

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