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New Maddie book claims to have nugget police have been waiting for

A new book on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been published in English this week, claiming to have discovered the missing nugget that has been baffling police for the last nine years.

The Truth is Out There – a title taken from the cult TV series X-files – has been written by Dutch investigative journalist Peter Scharrenberg who says he found two witnesses who “told quite a different story” to the accepted version of events on the night of May 3, 2007.

Promising to lift the lid on what he calls the “false timeline” “an impossible burglary” and “a mysterious pool picture”, Scharrenberg’s book has been available in Dutch for €15.95 for over a year, but this is the first time it can be read in English.

Coincidentally, it has been published a week after Lisbon’s Court of Appeal freed-up a book written by the original investigation’s coordinator, PJ detective Gonçalo Amaral, after deciding that nothing Amaral had written in it warranted censure (click here).

Amaral was also absolved from paying the 500 thousand euros in damages that a lower court fixed last April over a civil action taken out by Kate and Gerry McCann (click here).

This new book, costing 12.95 pounds, “will be in bookstores, online and very soon as an ePublication” says Scharrenberg.

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Earlier this week British police chief Sir Bernard Hogan Howe revealed that “only one line of inquiry” was being followed by the vastly reduced Scotland Yard team that has already spent over €15 million investigating Madeleine’s disappearance. But he did add the proviso of “unless something else comes up”.

It remains to be seen whether Scharrenberg’s book constitutes that ‘something else’.

For now, British media is reinforcing the ‘botched burglary’ theory, carried out says the Mirror today by three ‘key suspects’ all of whom have been interviewed at least twice before and freed without charge.

Calling the theory “new” the Mirror claims it could give police “renewed hope they can solve the mystery”.

But Scharreberg is hoping they consider his material. ” I strongly believe that the ‘revelations’ in the book should cause a change in the direction of the investigation, in a final attempt to solve the mystery”, he told us. “If this causes the investigation to last for a few months longer, then so be it. I don’t expect this file will be ever opened again when it’s finally closed. So this is the (only) time to do it.”

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