New look of the paper

Dear Editor,

I previously wrote to you and commented on the new look of your paper and you were kind enough to print my contribution.

I would now like to say that the section “What’s On” is very easy to read – the lay out is clearer than what it was, the print is bold which makes it easier to read and the green colour is a nice touch.  

However, I still feel that the Horoscope section is hard to read and I wonder how people who have poor eyesight find the greyness of the print alongside the green. The “What’s On” section was a similar colour before it was transformed into the bold black print which, as I said, makes it so much easier to read.

MARIE DOOLEY, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Marie, once again, thank you for your comments on our new look newspaper. I’m glad the What’s On section is now much improved and, as always, our production and design departments will be looking at ways of making the Horoscopes page more reader-friendly.