New look for old market

WORKS are currently underway to give Caxias market a much-needed face-lift. For years a shame to the municipality as one of the shabbiest and degraded public spaces in the county, it is predicted that, by the end of the year, it will be one of the most attractive shopping centres around.

With an estimated cost of 722,000 euros, the new-look complex will have a single floor with 11 individual shops in total with areas ranging from 28 to 69sqm. There will be a common service area with an information and security kiosk, toilets, administrative offices and a meetings room.

Câmara President, Teresa Zambujo, was careful to point out that “the rights of all the traders who currently ply their wares in the market will be safeguarded,” while at the same time explaining that the new shops will be capable of adaptation to a full range of retail purposes. Also, rules relating to opening hours would be relaxed enabling establishments to open “during the most convenient hours”. Zambujo added: “This market needs a whole new concept to make it more dynamic.”

In an inspired touch, the building is to be covered in a lush layer of plants and greenery, “so that when people look upwards, it will be like looking into a hanging market garden”, said a Câmara spokesperson. Glass is to feature prominently, meaning that there will be plenty of scope for window displays and good use of natural daylight. “The parish was in dire need of a different market. What we had was old and seriously unattractive. Only the old people, who couldn’t get out to the big supermarkets, used to come here,” said a local resident.

If all goes according to plan, Teresa Zambujo expects Linda-a-Velha to be the next beneficiary of a new market, “a space intended to be multipurpose and multigenerational”.