New Lisbon park inaugurated by president

WORLD WATER day on March 22 was chosen by Lisbon Câmara to inaugurate the city’s newest park, Parque Bela Vista Sul.

The park is one of the largest green open spaces in Lisbon, covering an area of around 80 hectares, which is the largest after Parque Florestal de Monsanto.

Carmona Rodrigues, Lisbon Câmara president, said that for him, World Water Day marked the beginning of spring and was the perfect day to inaugurate the new city park.

“This park is an excellent example of water saving technology and design thanks to the use of an optimum watering management system with its network of sprinklers and hoses carefully controling the amount of water being used without wastage,” said Rodrigues.

Attracting people in Lisbon to the city’s parks is high on the câmara’s list of priorities, which has also installed a sophisticated video surveillance system for the added security and safety of those using it.

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