New Lisbon cathedral will be the main religious seat

THE NEW Lisbon cathedral that will front the river Tagus at the Parque das Nações will supplant the old Sé Cathedral as the city’s most important religious building.

The cathedral was given the green light by Lisbon Câmara at a council planning meeting two weeks ago, and was originally intended to serve the new growing communities in the East of Lisbon springing up between Portela airport, Alta da Lumiar and the Parque das Nações.

Now, however, all of the city’s main services and ceremonies are to be held in the new structure according to a communication made between the Câmara, Lisbon Patriarchy and the bank group behind the company set up to finance and build the project.

Lisbon’s Patriarch Cardinal, José da Cruz Policarpo, highlighted that the new cathedral was necessary because Lisbon’s population had grown in recent years.

In his opinion, the new locality chosen for the cathedral is ideal because of its proximity to the new neighbourhoods, and because it is on the river – ‘which is the traditional soul of Lisbon.’

“It will also be visible to people entering Lisbon from the East, especially over the new suspension bridge,” he said. CG