New Lisbon casino to open in April

A NEW casino for Lisbon should open its doors to the public on April 19. The news was released last week by Mário Assis Ferreira, president of Estoril Sol, the casino’s operator.

Lisbon’s new casino will be at the former Pavilhão do Futuro in Parque das Nações. The building is currently being adapted and refitted to include gambling rooms and slot machine halls, while adverts have been placed for security staff aged between 18 and 29 “with no previous criminal record”.

According to predictions, the new Lisbon Casino should rake in an impressive 70 million euros between April and December 2006. Of that amount, 35 million euros will end up in the state coffers as gaming taxes, while a share will go to Lisbon Câmara. The casino, which is betting on the lucrative cruise ship trade, will boast two large car parks for 600 vehicles.