New law to protect circus animals

Dear Editor, 

Having photographed circus animals since 2000 and having been appalled by what I saw, from the Polar Bear in 42ºC at Circo Atlas in 2003, to the elephant collapsed at Circo Cardinali in 2008, or the poverty of Circo Dallas, seeing unhappy animals locked up in small cages, I am very happy that this law is being enforced (Algarve Resident, October 16 edition) 

Much credit to the organisation ANIMAL. Congratulations. 

The European Circus Association did nothing about the elephant that collapsed while Cardinali is still an ECA board members.

I informed the ECA chairman by email and telephone.

He said that only circuses that treat their animals well were allowed to be on the list.

Here is their website ( and don’t believe their propaganda that they help conservation of endangered species in the wild.

Most elephants come from the wild as breeding them in captivity happens very seldom and never within a circus as they don’t have male elephants – too dangerous when a female is on heat. 

I wish I would win the lottery and could give the circus animals a good retirement but that is a dream.

Alice Tromm

By email

Dear Editor,

Printed in the Algarve Resident October 16 edition: “Élio Vicente, a biologist at Zoomarine, told the Algarve Resident: ‘We shall not be affected by the new law as we only use animals for educational purposes.’”

What a load of insincere rubbish.

Zoomarine is a commercial enterprise and its treatment of incarcerated animals is appalling. They should be closed down with immediate effect.

Dr Colin H Key

Mexilhoeira Grande