New kennel to be built next year

A new kennel is due to be built in Portimão next year to help ease the difficulties faced by the current municipal kennel.

Osvaldo Mateus, the municipal veterinarian, said: “The building of a new kennel is an old dream. I hope Portimão Câmara see through its promise.

“We receive about 300 dogs a year. Of these, 60% are adopted and 30% are put down, with many of the latter being at the end of their lives and brought in by their owners. The rest of the dogs (10%) stay at the kennel to be adopted.”

A spokesman from Portimão Câmara said that the construction of the new kennel, on a plot of 1,800sqm at Vale da Arrancada, represents an investment of around €800,000 and is a priority for 2012.

“This project has been given the green light by Portimão municipality and the General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine,” he said.

The kennel will be able to home 40 dogs plus cats and other animals such as horses, donkeys and sheep.