New image for oldest McDonald’s in Algarve

MCDONALD’S OLDEST restaurant in the Algarve has recently reopened with a new look. After closing for a short period, Albufeira’s fast-food restaurant has reopened its doors with an innovative image and new services for its customers.

The style of the fast food restaurant is based on the chain’s new brand marketing strategy known as “I’m lovin’ it” and, as well as presenting new furniture and fittings in dark wood, aluminium and leather, it is also offering a package of new services, adapted to the latest consumer demands. For example, there is now wireless internet access points, something which some customers will appreciate while enjoying their favourite McDonald’s meal.

The restaurant offers a total of 103 seats and eight service desks, which mean customer service will be more efficient. As well as a playground for children, the area outside also boasts 110 seats, which are sure to be popular with tourists in the hot summer months.