New image for Loulé’s main roundabout

news: New image for Loulé’s main roundabout

WITH THE objective of upgrading the image of one of the town’s key areas, Loulé Câmara has recently been remodelling the centrepiece of the Largo Gago Coutinho roundabout, situated close to Loulé’s famous market.

The work began with the introduction of a new decorative water display system, which comprises an ornamental fountain and various jets. The water for the feature is recycled within a closed circuit.

In addition, the illumination of the roundabout has also been upgraded, adding greater impact to the existing sculpture, which is entitled ‘Gente feliz dançando ao sol’ (Happy people dancing in the sun), a work in bronze and stone, created by Dutch sculptor Jits Bakker. The sculpture is a tribute to the people of the Algarve and symbolises the warmth of the region, happiness, friendship and life.

Furthermore, flowers have recently been planted around the edge of the roundabout, giving it new colour.

Representing an investment of 136,000 euros, the Câmara hopes that the upgraded feature will serve as a welcome to the many visitors and tourists who come to the centre of Loulé on a daily basis.