New house signs for rural houses

news: New house signs for rural houses

An innovative project by Loulé Câmara aims to introduce new house name signs to make finding isolated rural properties in the council easier and to ensure aesthetically pleasing public spaces.

As part of the Mancha Branca (White Spot) project (see panel), the initiative was launched last week and is directed at owners of properties that are difficult to find and who have individually made their own signs to help others locate them, particularly the postman.

In order to standardise house signs in rural areas, property owners are now asked to use signs as approved by the town hall, so that all share the same style , size and material, and are installed according to Câmara recommendations, thus ensuring an aesthetically pleasing view.

In a statement to the press, Loulé Câmara said: “Property owners will be responsible for placing the signs but need to ensure that they are not obstructing traffic or those using the footway.”

Further information and advice regarding the direction signs and post boxes are available from the Juntas de Freguesia (parish council offices) in the Loulé council.

||About the Mancha Branca project

The Mancha Branca project was launched by Loulé Câmara in 2010, with the support of local infrastructure management companies InfraQuinta, InfraLobo and InfraMoura, and other private and public entities.

The main objective was to revamp degraded public spaces, be it because of bad weather or vandalism, such as graffiti. Improving the image of Loulé municipality is a priority for the town hall, which, through the Mancha Branca project, regularly calls on residents to carry out general repairs to their properties, such as painting, and contribute to a better quality of life for all who visit and live in the area.