New hospital project stalled

Experts evaluating the proposal for Lisbon’s new hospital consider the project as unnecessarily risky for the State although they defend the construction of a new unit in the capital city, according to a statement by Minister of Health Paulo Macedo.

Macedo revealed that the final decision should be known in the coming week but is likely to be negative.

The commission in charge of the evaluation of the new hospital project is led by the ex-Minister of Health Luís Filipe Pereira and began its work on March 5.

At the time, Macedo said that the time had come to judge which was the best solution for the construction of the new Hospital de Lisboa Oriental in the current legal and financial climate.

The opening of the future hospital was planned for 2016 and was to receive services from the São José, Santa Maria, Curry Cabral, Estefânia, Capuchos, Desterro hospitals and the Alfredo da Costa maternity.