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New hospital facilities

FARO HOSPITAL marked International Women’s Day last Thursday with the opening of an upgraded prenatal diagnostics centre to assist women experiencing high risk or complicated pregnancies.

The unit, which was first opened in 1999, has now been totally renovated and aims to offer better conditions for women who have been referred to the hospital by their family doctor for prenatal tests.

The health professionals in this field will benefit from improved working conditions and those pregnant women who are seen at the unit, together with their partners or family, can now enjoy greater comfort while tests are carried out.


Situated on the second floor of the outpatient building, the centre hosts a consulting room, waiting room and administration office, room for ultrasound scans and another where amniocenteses (a test for women of over 35 to detect chromosome abnormalities in the foetus, such as those that can cause Down’s Syndrome) can be carried out.

President of the Algarve Health Authority, Rui Lourenço was present for the opening, together with the President of Faro Hospital Board, Ana Paula Gonçalves, co-ordinator of the prenatal diagnostics unit and the heads of nursing, gynaecology and obstetrics. The prime objective of the centre is to evaluate if patients are carrying an embryo or foetus that is affected by a congenital defect.

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