New horror at Cascais’ “Boca do Inferno”

New horror at Cascais’ “Boca do Inferno”

Searches underway to try and locate man allegedly pushed over cliff

Cascais’ iconic Boca do Inferno was the scene of new horror yesterday when two men  ‘involved in a discussion’ ended up with one falling from the considerable height into the sea.

The incident was called into authorities shortly after 8pm last night.

Various teams were dispatched to try and locate the victim while the other man has been arrested on suspicion that the victim did not fall by chance, but because he was pushed.

Reports this morning describe fishermen in the area at the time “joining forces” and “trying to save the victim” by throwing a bucket (attached to rope) down into the sea. 

The man, aged 49 and ‘from the region of Amadora’, was unable to catch hold of the bucket and ended up “disappearing”.

Family members are receiving psychological support, says Correio da Manhã today, as searches on land and sea, and with the use of a drone, continue.

Boca do Inferno is perennially the site of tragedy as it is one of those cliffs that no one could imagine falling off and coming out alive.

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