New hope for Faro musicians’ headquarters

A significant step towards the survival of Faro’s musicians association (ARCM) has been taken by the city’s municipal authority, which handed over the title deeds of a property to help the ARCM in the construction of a new home.

The pending eviction notice launched by the proprietor of their current base (pictured) in October 2012 forced the artists to search for a new headquarters and they have struggled to raise the funds necessary to re-locate.

Throughout the process, the ARCM has benefited from support from Faro Câmara, which has now culminated with the granting of a plot of land for the construction of a new cultural venue from scratch.

The land is situated next to Faro’s Youth Institution on the PSP police street and covers an area of 5,426 square metres.

Armindo Silva, president of ARCM, told the Algarve Resident that they valued the help provided by Faro Câmara, which acknowledges the importance of the association in the cultural and artistic development of the city and in the life of its youth.

Now that the property is in the hands of the Faro musicians, they can now focus on their fund-raising campaign, entitled ‘Tijolo a Tijolo se constroí a nova sede’ (New headquarters built brick by brick). A €5 donation will mean the inscription of the contributor’s name in one of the bricks that will help build the new HQ, while stickers and T-shirts are available for prices ranging from €1 to €11. All funds will be used towards the construction of the new building.